Family Federation For World
Peace And Unification


The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU)

The FFWPU was founded in 1997 by Reverend Sun Myung and Mrs Hak Ja Han Moon in order to expand the mission of the "the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity" founded in 1954, aka Unification Church, to share their vision of building "God Centred" families as the basis for healthy communities, stable societies and a peaceful world.

FFWPU is a community of families striving to embody the ideal of True Love and to establish a world of peace and unity among all peoples, races, and religions as envisioned by Reverend and Mrs. Moon. FFWPU members refer to Reverend and Mrs Moon as the "True Parents" and accept their teaching, the Divine Principle, as a revelation from God.

We believe that God is the Parent of all humankind and we all share the same equal and divine value. God as our parent longs for us to experience the full range of loving relationships in our lives.

The Divine Principle, the teaching of Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, among other things explains three important “Truths”
The Principle of Creation
The Human Fall
The Providence of Restoration

FFWPU members seek to embody the ideal of true love as taught in the Divine Principle.
FFWPU’s mission is to guide us back to God through the teachings and Marriage Blessing of True Parents.

FFWPU champions three ideals as mentioned in its title: Family, Peace, and Unification.
Family - Promoting the values that make for strong families is a central goal of the FFWPU. This means encouraging married couples to practice fidelity; it means parents loving and caring for their children, protecting them and educating them to uphold the highest moral standards; and it means children loving and respecting both their parents and grandparents.
Peace - FFWPU seeks to build a “Culture of Peace” by supporting and promoting the family, love, and living for the sake of others.
Unification - The word Unification in the title refers to unity between mind and body, between partners, between parents and children, between families, between societies, between nations and even between heaven and earth.


Creating One Family under God - that is to build "Cheon Il Guk"

The mission of our movement is to communicate God’s "True Love", "True Life" and "True Lineage" through the teachings and marriage blessing of our True Parents to all people so they can fulfill the reponsibility of heavenly tribal messiahs by becoming true parents and by creating happy, blessed true families themselves.

True Parents represent the fulfilment of God’s desire and ultimately our purpose that is to be ONE with God and thus manifesting Cheon Il Guk in our communities.

Cheon Il guk is a Korean expression that means, "Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity." The word "nation" represents not a single nation but all the nations of the world. A world centred on God and True Parent's teachings and marriage blessing. A world centered on the principles of true love as expressed in the act of "living for the sake of others".

The creation of Cheon Il Guk is the mission and purpose of our movement through the transformation and growth of individuals and families that continue to grow and transform their tribe, nation and then finally the entire world. On this foundation, Cheon Il Guk is created, a world envisaged by God at the time of Creation where we live as one family under God, a society characterized by interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values.

The world in which these ideals will finally be realized is none other than the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, aka Cheon Il Guk.


The Spiritual Title of "True Parents"

We believe in one God, our Heavenly Parent, who is the origin of true love. God is the perfect harmony of masculine and feminine characteristics and is known by many names. The Holy Spirit represents the feminine aspect of God, who is the original creator of the cosmos. Desiring loyal children, God created the spiritual realm as our eternal home, and the physical realm, especially planet Earth, as a nursery for our spiritual growth.

The first God-conscious human ancestors, Adam and Eve, blessed with co-creatorship and freedom of choice, disobeyed God and created a world full of sinfulness and violence that brought grief to the heart of God. Even so, God worked for thousands of years to send a true son who was without sin, Jesus Christ, as the second Adam, to restore heavenly lineage on Earth and save the world from sin.

Owing to unrealistic scriptural interpretations, confusion and betrayal, he was crucified before he could restore a true woman as the second Eve, but he paid a ransom for our sins, and proclaimed that there must be a second coming.

After nineteen hundred years of further agony for the grieving heart of God, the Lord of the Second Advent was born in Korea in the year 1920, and began his Messiahship in 1946 under the name of Sun Myung Moon. As the Third Adam, after much cruel hardship and suffering he was finally able to find a true Second Eve, Hak Ja Han, and they were blessed in Holy Marriage in 1960.

The Universal Messianic Couple, worked to defeat Communism, to bring peace, and establish God's Kingdom on Earth. Meanwhile, through the birth of their children they established the True Family - the restored Adamic family - that is now the core of God's true lineage on Earth, to be sustained forever.

In glory, the Prince of Peace ascended to Heaven in 2012, proclaiming that we are responsible to create God's Kingdom on Earth, based on the legacy of the True Parents who have led God's providence of salvation. The mission to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth (in Korean, the Cheon Il Guk) is now inherited by the True Mother of All Humankind, who is Dr Hak Ja Han Moon.

In order that all of humankind can be saved, God's providence calls for all conscientious people of compassionate heart to attend and follow the leadership of the True Family in this united cause.


Invitation to hear the Divine Principle

Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon - A Peace Loving Global Citizen

Tribute to Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon (1920-2012)


DP Divine Principle is the core revelatory teachings of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon (1920 – 2012)
DP is a "New Expression of Truth".
Fore more click a link below:
DP Visual Overview
DP presented by Dr. Tyler Hendricks
DP Contents
● Preface
● Introduction
Part 1
● The Principle of Creation
● The Human Fall
● Eschatology and Human History
● The Messiah: His Advent and the Purpose of His Second Coming
● Resurrection
● Predestination
● Christology
Part 2
● Introduction to Restoration
● The Providence to Lay the Foundation for Restoration
● Moses and Jesus in the Providence of Restoration
● The Periods in Providential History and the Determination of Their Lengths
● The Parallels between the Two Ages in the Providence of Restoration
● The Period of Preparation for the Second Advent of the Messiah
● The Second Advent


We invite you to learn more about our faith through a study of the Divine Principle.

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